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NERDLE free online game

Nerdle's interesting puzzles are not just for those who like to guess words and juggle letters. Discover the real kingdom of numbers and demonstrate and improve your math skills. The player will practice logic and thinking to succeed in interesting math puzzles. Solve examples, add numbers and win your perfect game.

Features of the game

The task of the player in Nerdle is to fill in the empty tiles with numbers and mathematical symbols and make the correct equation. The participant has 6 attempts to enter their own option, correct and select the correct answer. There are 8 empty niches on the playing field where you need to enter the numbers and symbols that are on the layout below the playing field. You can use the touch screen and click on the signs on the screen, or enter elements from the keyboard.

In case of difficulties, the player can use hints that are displayed in the form of different colors of tiles:

How to play Nerdle game

The rules of the game are clear and simple. The player does not need any special help or skills. Solve the equation correctly and win.

Important to know

Math is an exact science that requires care and precision. Remember the rules you need to know to win each new level.

Follow the basic rules when creating equations. Use the numbers from 1 to 0 in the equation, as well as the signs for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Be sure to use the "=" sign, which can only be followed by a numerical value. Don't forget the basic rules of math: division and multiplication are performed before subtraction and addition.

Sometimes a player may see a message that an equation is not solvable. This indicates that the equation is not properly constructed and needs to be revised.

Improve your thinking, hone your math and science skills, and track your progress in the statistics section.

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