Mini Nerdle

If you don't like word puzzles, it's time to play Mini Nerdle. Interesting math problems that will make your brain work, train your logic, and improve your thinking.

The game has a lot in common with the classic Nerdle game. The player's task is to solve math equations in six attempts. The equation consists of 6 empty tiles. Each square must have a number or mathematical sign printed on it.

To select and fill in the gaps, use the number and sign layout at the bottom of the screen.

✅ How to play Mini Nerdle

The game requires minimal math knowledge. Use the following algorithm to play the game:
  • enter the first equation at random and press Enter;
  • get the result, use the color coding and change the equation;
  • enter more solutions until all the cells are colored green.

Use the color hints:

  • Green - the player has guessed not only the number, but also the correct location in the equation;
  • Pink - this digit is present in the mathematical expression, but is not in its position;
  • Black - the digits are not present in the equation and should not be used in the next attempt.

The color of the digits and signs on the layout allows you to quickly navigate the next choice. Solve math equations and get points on your score. Track your progress and success in the statistics section.

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